Oil Mist Air Cleaner

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:DM-JW-001R/002R/003R
  • Material:Polyester Fiber+ Resin Fiber+ Glass Fiber
  • Color:Green & White Color
  • Minimum Order:1 Set
  • Delivery Lead Time:30~60 Days
  • Delivery FOB Port:FOB Taichung Port
  • Payment Condition:T/T or Western Union

Oil Mist Collection And Air Purification Processes:

1. Direct Interception intercepts 70% of Oil Mist
*When oil mist streamlines the flow through the stainless steel filter screen at the front end, mist particles can be easily intercepted and collected

2. Inertial Hitting
*After mist particles flow through the filter screen, located at the front end, they hit the stop plates in the suction direction in order to be easily collected
*Featured with tamodo effect to dramatically increase filter efficiency

3. Diffusion Effect
*Once mist particles hit the stop plates, they may cause dispersed flow and diffusion before being easily collected by a large area woven screen at the second stage
*Oil mist hitting generates static electricity that absorbs oil mist, making oil droplet collection more convenient

4. Centrifugal Hitting Can Produce Extra & Powerful Centrifugal Blade Wheel
*The turbo type blade wheel integrates innovative features such as extra powerful suction force and centrifugal force as well as high speed cyclone that allow oil mist to adhere on the internal walls
*Then mist particles are intercepted by the internal oil stop plates, before being collected

5. Final Filtration/Smoke Filtration(Optional)
*Although oil mist has been filtrated at various stages, there is still some smoke contained in the air
*Such smoke can be removed with the use of a HEPA filter drum.

6. Pressure Dectection Gauge
*The pressure detection gauge indicates the time when the filter screen needs to be cleaned or replaced
*This reduces electricity consumption, while maintaining high efficiency oil mist removal.